Why Merch?


The Official HOGE Merch shop was created by our marketing team (volunteer members of our awesome community) to help support HOGE by building brand awareness through awesome creatives on tangible goods.

“100% of the proceeds will be reinvested into HOGE marketing efforts, including but not limited to paid ad placement, sponsorships, influencers, and more.”


Since HOGE is a community-owned and driven cryptocurrency, we do not have a marketing wallet for advertising. So we created this merch shop, along with a marketing wallet for HOGE, to be used for marketing/advertising costs – to help bring our beloved HOGE to the masses.

Your purchase through the Official HOGE Merch shop will help support our digital marketing goals – to build brand awareness, credibility, and to send HOGE to the moon!

Thank you for your support and purchase!!


– HOGE Marketing Team

Quality Products
Affordable Pricing
Free Shipping on $50+

Creative Meets Quality

Our goal is to source stellar creatives, along with high quality and affordable products, to offer our HOGE community and beyond. We aim to build a trusted brand, one you can trust and be proud to support.

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